Climate Change and Agriculture in North West Tasmania

Agriculture in the Cradle Coast NRM region is a significant contributor to Tasmanian agricultural production.  With climate change there are some agricultural activities (AGA) that will benefit and others that may be impacted.

As part of NRM planning for climate change, Cradle Coast NRM has completed a study of these climate change impacts, including the capacity for adaptation for different agricultural sectors and possible strategies for adaptation.  This project has been funded by the Australian Government.  You can read about our project here, watch the associated videos, or see the story in our GIS Library

Sixteen fact sheets have been developed by AK Consultants based on literature reviews and industry expertise.  The fact sheets are designed to be quick reference guides which provide practical adaptation strategies for farmers.  A single fact sheet is available for each major agricultural activity (AGA) in the Cradle Coast region.  The vulnerability rating (low to high) for each AGA is shown below each fact sheet (coming soon):

Beef and Cattle Fact Sheet Beef and Cattle Fact Sheet (494 KB) (25-Jun-2014)

Berries Fact Sheet Berries Fact Sheet (934 KB) (25-Jun-2014)

Canola Fact Sheet Canola Fact Sheet (589 KB) (25-Jun-2014)

Cereals Fact Sheet Cereals Fact Sheet (851 KB) (25-Jun-2014)

Dairy Fact Sheet Dairy Fact Sheet (717 KB) (25-Jun-2014)

Horticulture Fact Sheet Horticulture Fact Sheet (917 KB) (25-Jun-2014)

Legumes Fact Sheet Legumes Fact Sheet (828 KB) (25-Jun-2014)

Nuts Fact Sheet Nuts Fact Sheet (820 KB) (25-Jun-2014)

Olives Fact Sheet Olives Fact Sheet (967 KB) (25-Jun-2014)

Pome Fact Sheet Pome Fact Sheet (768 KB) (25-Jun-2014)

Poppies Fact Sheet Poppies Fact Sheet (615 KB) (25-Jun-2014)

Potato Fact Sheet Potato Fact Sheet (830 KB) (25-Jun-2014)

Pyrethrum Fact Sheet Pyrethrum Fact Sheet (524 KB) (25-Jun-2014)

Stone Fruit Fact Sheet Stone Fruit Fact Sheet (688 KB) (25-Jun-2014)

Vegetables Fact Sheet Vegetables Fact Sheet (615 KB) (25-Jun-2014)

Viticulture Fact Sheet Viticulture Fact Sheet (1071 KB) (25-Jun-2014)

If you have any questions regarding this project, contact Cradle Coast NRM Strategy & Implementation Manager, Ernst Kemmerer on 03 6431 6285.

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