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Cradle Coast NRM is one of 56 Regional NRM Bodies in Australia.  Under the Tasmanian NRM Framework and Act 2002, the State Government facilitated the establishment of Regional NRM Committees (Bodies) for each of the three regions of the State. 

In the Cradle Coast region the Regional Committee is hosted by the Cradle Coast Authority.  The Committee is responsible for identifying regional NRM priorities, preparing strategies and promoting NRM principles.

In 2005 the Cradle Coast community through Cradle Coast NRM developed an integrated natural resource strategy.  This regional approach attracts Australian Government (National Landcare Program) and Tasmanian Government funding, enabling Cradle Coast NRM to assist community groups, landowners and businesses to achieve the goals set out in the Cradle Coast Natural Resource Management Strategy.

A natural resource management Strategy for 2010 - 2015 has been developed for the region by the Cradle Coast NRM in conjunction with stakeholder and community support.  The Strategy is intended to help anyone living or working in the Cradle Coast to understand the current status, opportunities and threats to maintaining or achieving healthy natural resources.  Based on the information in the Strategy, individuals, groups and organisations are encouraged to create their own implementation plans to reflect their resources, skills and interests.  You can download process information and an example of how to develop an implementation plan below. 

Download information on the process for developing implementation plans here

Download the full Cradle Coast Natural Resource Management Strategy 2015-2020 here

Download a summary of the Cradle Coast Natural Resource Management Strategy 2015-2020 here

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