What is NRM?

Natural Resource Management (NRM) is the understanding of the financial, social and environmental benefits we gain from our natural resources and the protection of those resources for future generations.
Natural resources are all around us - they are the physical environment of the land, waterways and coasts; and the living systems, plants and animals they sustain.  Natural resource management includes all the things that people do to ensure that our natural assets remain healthy and productive.

Why NRM?

To develop and maintain a healthy region, the environment, society and economy must all be in good condition and work together. Healthy regions rely on us managing and using our natural resources wisely.






hot topic

Landcare Tasmania and NRM bodies unify under new agreement

Stronger relationships, improved communication and tighter coordination of initiatives are the goals of a new agreement between Landcare Tasmania and the state’s three regional Natural Resource Management (NRM) organisations. The new Statement of Common Purpose is expected to drive stronger synergies and reduce duplication of efforts between the groups and sharpen the leadership and direction for Tasmania’s landcare agenda. more....


Information for Farming Communities on Bushfire Matters

Farming communities and the Tasmania Fire Service are working together to reduce bushfire risk. Together they have produced a brochure to provide information to farming communities on bushfire matters and fuel reduction burning. more....


Updating the Regional NRM Strategy for 2015 - 2020

The NRM strategy outlines North West Tasmania's land, water and coastal assets and identifies focus areas for action for each of these assets.
A process is underway to update the Cradle Coast Regional Strategy for 2015 - 2020. more....


How to make a site maintenance plan

The Community Group Site Maintenance Plan template has been developed to help your group simplify documenting planned activities for your site each year. It is easy to use and can be modified to suit your group's needs and can be completed manually or electronically... more....


Latest news

Todd Walsh talks Giant Freshwater Lobsters

Local Giant Freshwater Lobster expert, Todd Walsh, will be in Burnie on May 3 to share his knowledge of the threatened species which is endemic to northern Tasmania.  more


Cradle to Coastlines - Edition 1, 2016

The first 2016 edition of our newsletter Cradle to Coastlines is now available! Read up on our key events and news and how we've been working with the community. Don 't forget the Upcoming Events section to see how you can get involved. more


Rocky Cape Reef Survey

Our beautiful and diverse reef at Rocky Cape is about to be surveyed by a team of divers under a Cradle Coast Natural Resource Management (NRM) grant for Citizen Science. The dive has been funded through a Natural Connections Community Group Grant awarded late last year to the Reef Life Survey Foundation. This project is supported by Cradle Coast NRM through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.


Cradle Coast Farm Conservation Grants 2016-18

Cradle Coast NRM, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program, has developed an incentive programme to support farm biodiversity conservation and natural resource management in North West Tasmania. The grants are now open.  more


Coastcare Week launch to announce landcare community grants

‘Coastcare Week’ will be officially launched this Friday (Dec 4) by Federal Member for Braddon Brett Whiteley.
Coastcare Week is an annual event by the Cradle Coast Natural Resources Management (NRM) team to celebrate the ongoing partnerships with the community for the wide ranging coastal protection activities conducted throughout the year.  more


Cradle to Coastlines - Edition 4, 2015

We're pleased to share our latest newsletter - Cradle to Coastlines Edition 4, 2015. This is the last edition for the year as we look ahead to a busy year ahead. We hope your enjoy the read!  more


Cradle to Coastlines Newsletter

Cradle to Coastlines Edition 3 2015 - the latest edition of the Cradle Coast NRM newsletter is out now.  more


First Aid Training Sponsorship

Cradle Coast NRM is offering sponsorship to community groups in the Cradle Coast region in order to improve volunteer skills in First Aid and support groups via the provision of First Aid kits. more


Natural Connections Grants

Cradle Coast NRM through funding from the Australian Government's National Landcare Programme is supporting activities that enhance the ecosystem services provided by our natural landscapes, coasts and waterways. more


Community Group Sponsorship

Cradle Coast NRM is offering up to $500 sponsorship per year to community groups working in the Cradle Coast region to support community group projects. more


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